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Asbestos Abatement

Our certified, licensed, and insured team removes asbestos boards, lead-based paint, and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) components found in various parts of your property. We are accredited by governing agencies and compliant with all federal, state, and local codes of practice for the construction industry.

In addition, we are equipped to handle all aspects of asbestos and lead abatement as well as mold remediation and management.

Other Materials We Eliminate

Aside from asbestos, we also check and remove other fibrous materials, such as chrysotile isotile, tremolite, crocidolite (riebeckite), anthophyllite, amosite (grunerite), and actinolite. Before these microscopic fibers were proven to be toxic and harmful to the respiratory system, they were a common choice for commercial and industrial use. Because of this, it’s possible that your property may have these minerals.

In particular, asbestos was widely preferred because it is resistant to extreme heat and most chemical reactions and breakdowns. However, these properties are what make asbestos so hazardous. Asbestos abatement and removal are imperative, as inhaling these fibers poses a threat to human health.


Common Places With Asbestos

  • Asbestos Insulating Boards (AIBs) found on ceiling tiles, around boilers, and in fire doors
  • Ceiling insulation
  • Adhesives and floor tiles (asphalt, rubber, and vinyl asbestos)
  • Lagging on boilers and pipes
  • Loose-fill insulation
  • Pipe insulation
  • Roofing, shingles, and siding
  • Spray coatings (textured or decorative) on beams, columns, ceilings, and walls
  • Thermal insulation and soundproofing for homes and offices

Lead Abatement

At Atlas Enviro Care and Abatement Services, our staff is licensed and insured to remove existing lead-based paint hazards. Since lead exposure is dangerous to living things, our lead abatement and removal services become essential whenever the chemical is present.

While it is usually found in the paint of old properties, lead was widely used in consumer products in the past. These include ceramics, pipes, and cosmetics. Pregnant women and young children (six years old and below) are most susceptible to the adverse effects of lead exposure. These include learning and behavioral issues, anemia, abdominal pain, and even death.

The Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act of 1992 was implemented so that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) could regulate standards to minimize or eliminate the amount of lead in consumer products and occupational settings. We are proud to be accredited and compliant with this law and all other federal, state, and local codes of practice for the construction industry.

Our lead abatement services include:

  • Lead Abatement and Encapsulation
  • Lead Sampling and Inspection
  • Exterior and Interior Demolition
  • Pre and Post-Construction Cleanup
  • Soil With Lead-Based Paint Remediation

24/7 Availability

We understand that the need for asbestos and lead abatement can be unexpected, which is why our workforce is flexible and conveniently available for planned and impromptu projects. It is our goal to protect health without harming the environment, so we follow strict industry standards with a clear emphasis on safety first for both our workers and customers.

Our company offers competitive pricing, immense flexibility, and quality control. We have highly skilled workers and supervisors trained to restore your home or workplace while catering to your unique project and budgetary needs. In addition, we hope to build a long-lasting relationship with each of our clients that is founded on quality, integrity, safety, and ultimate customer satisfaction.