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Helping You Through a Difficult Time

Fire and smoke quickly destroy property to a great extent. They put the structural safety of your home or commercial property in question and obliterate documents, pictures, and other important items. The restoration process itself can also be an emotionally stressful experience.

At Atlas Enviro Care and Abatement Services, we understand that you and your loved ones are going through a difficult time. That is why we are dedicated to providing caring and immediate services to your property.

Tackling Fire and Smoke Damage

Though many belongings and memories may have been lost in a fire, our property restoration specialists promise quality work and ensure your home or facility will be like new again. Our technicians will go to great lengths to make your property a safe, healthy environment once more.


The Basics of Fire Restoration

1. Removal of damaged components

We will remove any unsafe and unrestorable items from your home. Holding on to these will only cause harm in the long run.

2. Removal of flooring

Our team removes floor coverings that can create an unhealthy or unsafe environment. This way, we also minimize the collection of soot, dust, and other harmful particulates.

3. Structural framing evaluation

Fire can weaken unseen parts of your house, such as framing and subfloor material. This can result in injury or further damage in the future. We make sure that yours are up to safety standards through our assessment services.

4. Odor and contamination treatment

Aside from weakening your framing, fire can also cause microbial contamination on your property’s structures. We treat these parts with odor counteractants to ensure no germs are present.

5. Removal or Restoration of the HVAC system

One of the most affected systems during a fire is your HVAC since soot and smoke could pass through the vents. Removal or replacement is essential, as this prevents any harmful particles from spreading inside your property.


Let Us Rebuild Your Property

Our goal is to restore your residential or commercial space to its pre-damage state. With our help, your home or facility will look great and be healthy once more for the safety and benefit of the occupants.